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To constantly advance in all areas of technology, production, environmental management and team development, whilst delivering exponential results for affiliated alliances and industry alike. Agent Eighteen will be a vehicle to spearhead new realms of freedom, progression and travel. For this to continue as the company grows we will invest heavily by strongly promoting our branding and message through structured film projects, penetrating web based marketing and unique print advertising. Whilst working strongly on community based projects the Agent Eighteen network will perform and act professionally across the board including our media teams, management, professional athletes, representatives and administration.


Agent Eighteen has re-emerged sparklingly in 2012 with the past 2 years dedicated to strategic, productive and innovative research and development. Extreme lengths have been taken to secure the market and technological leading wetsuit manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality materials. Essentially the most important thing about any company designing, marketing and producing a product is the product itself. The imaginative and effective marketing accompanies the core function of Agent Eighteen, which is to produce the highest quality industry leading suit with the best value and performance possible. We work hard with our suppliers and invest heavily in our supply-chain and operations so we can create savings for the customer, the average retail price for a wetsuit in our eyes, is a little high. Agent Eighteen 2012 and beyond stands up to masses who think the high price tag’s are how it must stay. We are doing our best to enable each and every ocean dweller to feel what it’s like to wear a wetsuit made of such quality, precision and innovation.

The Agent Eighteen company and it affiliates are 35 strong. This is made up of management, international distributors, professional athletes, representatives and administration. Agent Eighteen is looking to create wealth throughout its network more and more over the years. This is wealth not just in the form of profits as the whole team is working from the same book. Our vision for a Professional company to perform under all conditions is crystal clear. The company was established in early 2006 with Owner and founder, Bryce Thurston projecting his vision into a reality. Half a decade on and it really is full steam ahead. With excellence through experience and a revolution in wetsuit design Agent Eighteen welcomes you to this site on a daily basis. Enjoy the development of the dream. We look forward to the years to come spent with our loyal customers relishing in the finest equipment at the best price possible. Agent Eighteen Pty Ltd forever stamps its name in as a company bursting with diversity and professionalism.


al-li-ance |ə’līəns|
a close association of nations or other groups, formed to advance common interests or causes: a unified alliance between a diverse motor company and a design, film and marketing company to discover, document, utilise oppurtunites through film projects whilst conducting research/development and investing in promotional vehicles for the ultimate benefit of both esteemed parties.

Agent Eighteen believes in a strong, forthwright and transparent alliance to spearhead your company in constanty evolving within investment, leadership, environmental management and community iniatives. Without the support and ideas of one another, these goals may have seemed impossible so our belief is that alliances must be built upon the lasting foundations of open communication, strategic thinking, the drive to always improve on product development, strong marketing and innovative iniatives. Agent Eighteen will continue to form alliances with companies envisioning a real passion for innovation, that is our goal, to build these relationships for fast continued growth. Our success will be shared with companies that have a vested interest in broadening not only the reach of there current market but endeavor to explore new markets with the support of Agent Eighteen, in-turn creating a larger, further esteemed, profitable and respectable portfolio.

We look to continue working in beneficial alliances by firstly formulating informative and interactive meetings coupled with progressive proposals. Upon each of us qualifying and aligning we can then, as a team invest in both long and short term strategic, marketing vehicles through mediums such as print/magazine, film/documentary, strategic web based media and big screen cinematic action/drama. Innovative and powerful advertising campaigns will be formulated and vamped by these very iniatives to increase brand awareness and marketability. Companies aligning themselves with Agent Eighteen Pty Ltd will be working with a company driven by seeing results. With excellence through experience we now base our core values on the very things that build strong relationships. This has been a learning assisting Agent Eighteen in continuing to drive the company to acheiving our true, competitive edge.

Throughout our company network esteemed alliances will have the opportunity to be marketed heavily worldwide through our story boarded film productions/screenings and continued documentation with a groundbreaking, professional center. Affiliated companies will continue to align themselves with this new and vibrant, yet established company. Imagine working alongside an enthusiastic, imaginative and expressive team of 31 strong worldwide. Agent Eighteen is based in cities and countries such as L.A, Chile, America, London, Europe, South Africa, Hawaii and Japan. With market share and new distribution channels in all these areas, affiliates involved will no doubt see there profile.

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