Brazilian groups that have never been consigned

Transfer to bring down divisions is a genuinely normal element in football. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t prevent this from being a major bad dream in the existences of many fans. There could be no bigger apprehension in football than the assignment of your #1 group. Yet, there are likewise groups that have never felt this trouble. In this article, you will meet the three Brazilian groups that won’t ever fall.

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Holy people

The extraordinary group that uncovered Pelé, the best football player ever, is likewise the Brazilian club that has been in the main division for quite a while: starting around 1959. In any case, that doesn’t intend that there were no seasons where the endlessly white didn’t battle transfer. In the 1996 season, Santos fans experienced the phantom of the assignment zone. That year, the public competition had 24 groups, of which just two were consigned. Santos completed the title in the 20th position (most exceedingly terrible situation in its set of experiences) with just 27 places, five focuses behind the penultimate put.

Sao Paulo

Among the super Brazilian clubs, São Paulo is the most youthful. Established in 1930, the São Paulo group immediately set up a good foundation for itself as quite possibly of the greatest group in the nation and in South America. As well as having come out on top for some public and worldwide championships can likewise flaunt that it has never endured transfer in its set of experiences. The tricolor’s most memorable cooperation in Series A was in 1967 and, from that point forward, the group has not even experienced the feeling of dread toward the transfer zone. It’s most terrible support in a version of the Brazilian title was in the 1998 season, when it was exclusively in the fifteenth place of the table.


Group vibe of the last couple of times of Brazilian football, Flamingo is the remainder of the huge ones that never experienced a transfer. Starting around 1964, Rio de Janeiro has contended in the Brazilian Title uninterruptedly. During these years, the group came out on top for eight public championships and became perhaps of the best hero in the country. Michael flamingo Flamingo’s most terrible mission in a occurred in the 2001 season. That year, the title had 28 groups, four of which were consigned. The finished the year in twenty-fourth spot, only one situation in front of the transfer zone.