Bingo with a Lucky Charm

The Review of Lucky Charm Bingo

There is only one thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “lucky charms,” and that is the sickeningly delicious cereal that no sane parent would ever give their kids. Some of the people working in our office had the chance to try them when they were younger, and from what we’ve heard, their lives have never been the same since then. There have been reports of rampant bouts of sofa leaping and an insatiable thirst for being awake for a little bit longer. Anyone who has their own children, particularly young children, is probably trembling right about now.

Lucky Charm Bingo, on the other hand, is an entirely different ballgame. However, in light of the well-documented sleep-inhibiting effects of electronic screens (including those on laptops, tablets, and smartphones), it is obvious that this particular bingo website has the ability to make you not really want to go to sleep, but rather keep playing until… well, whenever your heart palpitations force you to finally get some rest.

Standard Set-Up

Putting aside that fairly ominous train of thinking, what we have here is a website structure that is very normal when it comes to the bingo style. As soon as the landing page appears, you are instantly greeted with the imagery that you would most likely anticipate seeing, which includes images of… balls and numbers. Oh, hold on, wait a second, hold on there, that’s not quite accurate. Instead, there is a large number that reads “£20,” which is a reference to the sign-up bonus. Additionally, there is an image of a hot air balloon that has the website’s distinctive lettering on it.

We are unable to fathom how a hot air balloon could possibly be connected to good luck in any way, shape, or form. We don’t even enjoy flying that much, so the idea of traveling up into the sky in a giant inflatable is really not that enticing to us. Perhaps the developers feel the same way, which is why they need a lucky charm to put their worries to rest. Superstitious fools, heathens, sorcerers, and warlocks all rolled into one. It doesn’t really matter what you call them if that is really the truth since they’ve created a website that looks very beautiful for some reason.

A Brisk Beginning

The homepage is, to say the least, somewhat hectic in its level of activity. Below the whole £10/hot air balloon bit is a news ticker-style information bar that provides information about new and leading winners, along with their current wins. This bar includes all of the facts about the winners’ previous and current prizes. This is most certainly an astute decision since it gives you the impression that the website is alive, rather than a static nonsense, and that there is a genuine community at work (or should that be play?) here. Below this, there is a step-by-step tutorial on the process of signing up. Those who were not accepted to MENSA may heave a sigh of relief since the method only consists of three stages, all of which are quite simple to complete.

If you continue to scroll down, you will come across several boxes that contain clickthroughs to different kinds of games. To tell you the truth, everything seems really hectic, and you can’t help but get the impression that this has been meant to confuse people to the point where they would sign up and participate anyhow. Clarity is one of the most important qualities we seek for in a casino, along with the absence of prompts to click in order to get information about the terms and conditions of the many games and bonuses that are available. Sadly, in this instance, they have managed to make a website that is very busy and rather unclear, and they have neglected to ensure that we can see exactly what is available without having to click onto a different part of the website. This is a problem because it makes it more difficult for us to find what we are looking for. not the best way to get started, let’s take a click and see what more we can find out.

The Competition Is About to Start.

When you choose the ‘Games’ option from the main menu, you will be led directly to the ‘Games’ part of the website. Therefore, there are no unpleasant surprises there. This is the point when everything starts to fall into its proper place. The default choice for game selection is “All,” which means that you will see thumbnails for bingo games as well as slots and casino games when you first log in.

In the past, we have had the misfortune of using websites where this is literally the only way they show the games; that is, there are no alternatives to arrange the games by game type, such as poker, slots, or bingo. This has been a frustrating experience for us. Fortunately, Lucky Charm Bingo has at least gone one step further than this, which means that we can see just the Bingo games that are available to play. Let’s do that, but instead, click on the Bingo button.